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  1. minayuri 3wk 3d ago


  2. Alenas Retired Moderator 16wk 6d ago


  3. Hooyaah Retired Moderator 16wk 6d ago

    Merry Christmas Mado !

  4. Glukogen 18wk 3d ago

    Thank you for all your favs on xxxholic pics, Madoshi. Have a nice day! ~(*v*)~

  5. pandemonium91 Moderator 21wk 4d ago

    Quote by MadoshiKurefu I thought about writing you a pm about our love for tagging. XD It seems we're both crazy enough to search through the galleries to find images for new tags. ;)

    I want to give you the Tagger title so you can be tagging royalty too~ Just can't seem to find the option D:
    Also, I thought about tagging Face to Crotch as Accidental Pervert before you created it, but it was after Face in Breasts and Crotch to Crotch (which sounds nasty) and I couldn't stomach any more ecchi for the day DX So thank you! <3

  6. pandemonium91 Moderator 21wk 6d ago

    I love you for all the help with tagging, and Pinky Promise is just adorable! <3

    Spoiler (show)


  7. ykishige966 22wk 4d ago

    Quote by MadoshiKurefu
    Cool photo! :D

    I read the message.
    Reply, thank you.

    There are photos you want to share a new one.

    It was taken by Madoka Magica exhibition I went to the other day.
    It is a figure of Ultimate Madoka more than 2 meters.

    Link of Photo

  8. bouinbouin 25wk 3d ago

    Thanks for your support

  9. bouinbouin 30wk 3d ago

    Thanks for the fav(s)

  10. ykishige966 32wk 4d ago

    Good evening.
    Thanks for the fav's.

    It seems that you are interested in Madoka Magica.

    There is a photograph which excites your interest.

    Photography is in August, 2013.
    A place is Odaiba in Tokyo.

    I photoed this during participation of a realistic escape game.
    It is life-size Madoka's figure.


  11. XshironekoX 32wk 4d ago

    Hi :) Thank you so much for the fav on the Jyuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden (Ryuubi) scan! ^^ I'm glad you liked it. :)

  12. SilverCat-sama 37wk 0d ago

    Quote by MadoshiKurefu

    Quote by SilverCat-sama

    Quote by MadoshiKurefuno offense taken. but can i ask why? did something wrong/happened?

    No, nothing bad happened. :) Since I retired myself from my mod job I just wanna hang out in MT without any obligations. That's why. XD

    Quote by SilverCat-samaBtw, have u seen Supernatural Gag Reel season 1-7? If u havent, try to watch it on youtube. its really funny. they are some bromance in there (even though they r just kidding XP)

    Yeah, I have. I watched them many times. The gag reels are so funny. I love when they dance in the woods like fairies or when Jensen says "where is our gay angel?" or that Jared farts and so on. XD

    Quote by SilverCat-samaI love psychopaths, handsome men, hot scenes, n great stories! in the past, I thought I love bondage story too. But after I read 'Love Prism' by Tohjoh Asami... I dont really like it anymore. Its just too much. Bondage overload XD! I prefer light bondage. Most yaoi manga I love is about non-con anyway (especially if its without love at first sight), so its often used some bondage. The hurtful expression of the victim/uke excite me very much! XP. Thats why I love these kind of pair: kidnapper-victim, the boss-subordinate, war theme, etc. I prefer the uke didnt like the seme for the first time (its ok if they love him in the end, but not at first time, please). Bcoz their expressions will look even more gorgeous! *ok, I'm blushing here*

    Love Prism? Sound like a manga I will like. XD I'll read it! ;) It seems we prefer almost the same kind of yaoi manga. And I also like the hurtful expression of victims because of the same reason! *lol* Do you know "The Tyrant Who Fell in Love"? It's one of my favorites and the manga "New York New York". Your favorite yaoi manga?
    UPDATE: I have read some chapters of Love Prism. I don't like it 'cause I don't like such relationships with three people. ^^'

    Quote by SilverCat-samaU're lucky. I never found yaoi/gay books like those in the bookstore or anywhere. the rate M manga selled in my country always about gore, heavy theme, or hentai/straight! (i dont like hentai coz i dont like women's breasts). Well, maybe I could buy it via online. But if my Mom found it... aaa... I cant imagine what'll happend (maybe I can, but it would be bad. very bad).
    Thats why I prefer download. That way, I can save it on my laptop or dvd :P

    I watch hentai. I especially like the ones with monsters. XD My mom knows about me reading gay manga. She never looked into one of them but I have shown her mild Destiel fanart and music videos. ^^' She just rolls her eyes whenever I talk about Dean and Castiel. XD

    My favorite supernatural gag reel r when Sam wanna kiss Castiel n Dean expression when he saw it just... priceless XD.
    The tyrant who fell in love? u mean 'koisuru no bokun'? yes, I've read it and watch the OVA :). I like it. It's so funny n the stories r great too. but my favorite chapter in there is Morinaga Kunihiro (Morinaga Tetsuhiro's big brother)'s story. Because of the non-con scenes in his story n more into angst. He is one of my typical victim. I like non-girly man (I dun like big-eyes uke), more into straight rather than gay (bcoz his hurtful expression when ANOTHER MAN 'attacked' him will be more tasty XP), kinda cruel on his own way - he hurt other people's feelings (super kind people arent my favorite), n not stupid.
    About new york new york... never read it. But I'm planning to search for it tonight :)

    I also love playing some fighting games (like Tekken n Street Fighter). n I like beating hot/cool guys characters. N really love to hear their moans, screams, n hurtful voices when I attacked them with my own characters. *grin*

    I have A LOT of yaoi manga collections in my dvds. There are more or less 8 or 9 dvds of it, I guess. n 1 dvd may content around more than 70 (or more) y-manga. N thats not include my y-doujin collections yet ^^. So if u ask whats my favorite y-manga... its too many. I'm not sure I remember all the titles I love.
    But maybe... my favorite which I remember so far til now is JAZZ. it's about a doctor who get raped by one of his own patient. One thing that I dun really like about this manga is only because the doctor (victim) is a nice guy. too nice, maybe. But I like the stories.
    n the second one is... Love Mode. The stories r great, even though the art is... not really good (but its getting better in the last volumes). N I personally love the second pair (ReijixNaoya) more than the main pair stories :D

    U like hentai with monster? Monster here like... tentacles? I also like it. But the victim should be male. tentacle on male. heheh.
    Whoa, I like ur Mom! >< *hugs her*

    Oh yeah! Thanks for ur info about Hannibal. I already watched it til episode 3 so far n I like it. Especially Dr. Lecter and Will XD
    N Doctor Lecter is a kind of psychopath that I wanna catch, not kill. Normally I love watching psychopath movies so I can learn more about them to eliminate them. but not this one. I dont wanna eliminate Dr Lecter... yet ;)