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  1. back07 1wk 2d ago

    thanks for the fav(s) Mado

  2. Hakaru 1wk 3d ago

    Thanks for the fav.

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  6. bouinbouin 6wk 6d ago

    Thanks for the fav(s)

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  8. SolemnSerpent 11wk 4d ago

    Quote by MadoshiKurefuI'm ok but bored to death. I've been watching American Horror Story instead of writing my term paper. ^^' Do you know this series?
    I haven't read any Destiel fics recently. I don't know why but probably because I couldn't find any good hard stuff. *lol* Right now I can't get enough of GrimmIchi, X-Men oder Hannibal stories. ^^' Can you recommend me some new Destiel fics? :D
    At MT I just browse through the newest scans and add some missing monochrome tags. That's all. I'm really lazy these days. XD

    Every time I log into Netflix, I see the thumbnail for the series, but never click it. IDK, it just never happens. I've kinda given up on new series. The only new thing I've watched recently is Free! and Attack on Titan.

    Honestly, I spent a significant portion of my day that wasn't wasted on sleeping reading dirty Harry Potter and Destiel fic. I have a few recs, but honestly, if you haven't read Redemption Road, I'm going to cry.

    Spoiler (show)

    IT'S THE MOST AMAZING SKLJHDFKAHDGTKADF the fanfic literally predicted a big plot point in the series before it happened and everyone on tumblr lost their shit

    it's a long, smutty, but amazing crafted fic by multiple authors and there's like 42 chapters so you'll be busy if you haven't dived in

    I'm going to make a small list of good recs, and send a PM when I finish making dinner. //determined face
    in a few hours
    because procrastination
    and I hate cutting onions and potatoes, and etc

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  10. SolemnSerpent 12wk 1d ago

    Quote by MadoshiKurefu

    Quote by SolemnSerpent //flails
    that avatar

    Last time a member wrote about my avatar that it was disgusting and I should change it. XD So thanks for your positive comment. :D
    You voting for Destiel? http://www.thebacklot.com/2014-slash-madness-round-three/08/2014/3/

    Lol, wow, someone is probably insecure about their Destiel feels. They need to see the light and accept Destiel & delicious fanfiction into their lives. Had to take a break from Destiel fic though, because so many amazing authors kept writing, glorious, perfect fics made made me cry for hours from all of the angst. There was one where Castiel died while Dean was holding him, and I was like, "WAHHT DESTIEL WHAT IS THIS, WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME."

    How've you been? It's been a while; I just came back to my online life, and I'm just creeping around atm, relearning stuff & trying to strike down the Unidentified section, because I have a MT!Kink for solving unidentified scans.

    And haaaallle yes, I voted. Destiel is winning my 6k votes. //fandom!fist!bump

  11. SolemnSerpent 12wk 1d ago


    that avatar

  12. Steffi1690 17wk 1d ago